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Mavrobara Lake

Mavrobara Lake

Mavrobara, located in Polichrono, is a location of uncommon beauty and great ecological significance. Located 300 metres up and 2.5 kilometres from the main road. The Prefecture has designated it a natural monument since 1998.

A sweet water lake with an epanse of 2.200 sq metres. Its age spans several millennia. The lake was formed by geological subsidence on sea-reclaimed land. A legend links Mavrobara to an underground stream.

Two uncommon species of water turtle belonging to the families “emydidae”, “emys orbicularis”, and “mauremys caspica”, find shelter in the tranquil waters. In recent years, the number of these species has expanded, which bodes well for their development.

Turtles may be found in locations with some altitude. They are mostly active throughout the day and feed on little fish found in the lake. They produce 3-6 white eggs (emys ordicularis) and 3-16 white eggs (emys ordicularis) (mauremys caspica).

They bury them to a depth of between 30 and 90 centimetres in shinny (warm) areas. Incubation occurs throughout the warmer months. They have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, and the environmental temperature determines the gender of their offspring.

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