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Kassandra vs Sithonia: What is their difference

Kassandra vs Sithonia: What is their difference

The two peninsulas of Halkidiki, Sithonia, and Kassandra attract millions of travelers yearly. Let’s see them and their differences more closely.

Halkidiki is a spectacular region known for its lush green forests, beautiful mountain landscapes, and stunning beaches. It is an area with rich history and culture that one can see at every corner of Halkidiki’s towns and villages.

Halkidiki’s signature trait is the three peninsulas of Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos. Athos is relatively inaccessible since most of it is part of the secluded monastic community known as Agio Oros (Mount Athos).

Therefore, generally, people are more familiar with Kassandra or Sithonia. Kassandra is the westernmost peninsula, while Sithonia is in the middle of the three. Although they are facing each other, there are many differences between them.

The main difference between the two is that Kassandra is generally more cosmopolitan, while Sithonia keeps a more traditional and wild vibe. Also, Sithonia offers more wild natural landscapes.

At Kassandra, you have the chance to have a relaxing holiday at a tourist resort with organized beaches, beach bars, and restaurants. As well as enjoy a lively nightlife, go for a shopping spree or get a sailing cruise to the gulf.

At Sithonia, you will have the chance to have more adventurous holidays with hiking tours, snorkeling in deep blue waters and scuba diving.

Nevertheless, no matter where you choose to stay, you will definitely enjoy your holidays immensely. It is a matter of choosing what you prefer more, an adventurous holiday of exploring Halkidiki’s wonderful nature or a relaxing time of swimming, shopping, and partying.

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