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Top things to do in Kassandra

Top things to do in Kassandra

Are you planning to visit Halkidiki? Don’t miss out on the top places and attractions! For the best vacations, discover here the top 5 things to do in the Kassandra Peninsula.

Located in the northern part of Greece, Halkidiki is famous for its three peninsulas known as “the three legs,” Kassandra Peninsula, Sithonia Peninsula, and Mount Athos.

The Kassandra peninsula is the main tourist destination, featuring impressive historical landmarks, crystal clear waters, long white sandy beaches, majestic forests, and picturesque traditional villages.

It may not be as famous as Greece’s islands or big cities like Athens and Thessaloniki, but Kassandra is an incredible region with many things to do and see.

So, let’s look at the top things you can do in the Kassandra peninsula.

Tour by car

Kassandra offers a fusion of history, tradition, nature, top tourist attractions, a peaceful and quiet lifestyle, and crazy nightlife. To discover everything the peninsula has to offer, have a grand tour by car. This will allow you to enjoy scenic views by crossing over olive groves, green pine forests, mountainous landscapes, lakes, rivers, and magnificent coastlines. Also, you will be amazed by the traditional Greek villages, modern cities, ancient ruins, and many elegant Greek orthodox cathedrals.

Toroneos Gulf Cruise

Toroneos Gulf is between Kassandra and Sithonia and is known for its magnificent scenery of the two peninsulas. During a cruise tour, you can visit the isolated beach in Toroni called Aretes which gives a gorgeous view of the ruins of a Byzantine fortress right to the sandy beach. Another stop during the cruise is the island Kelyfos, a graphic tiny paradise with amazing views of the two peninsulas and the Aegean Sea.

Swim at Miti Beach, Possidi

The lighthouse of Possidi, founded in 1864, is an impressive colonial-styled lighthouse with the beautiful Miti beach as its view. The beach is a long sandy strip that splits the sea into two. However, depending on the tide, the form of the beach changes. The beach has soft golden sand and scenery of brilliant blue waves, as well as the lighthouse and a phenomenal green landscape at the back.

Visit Afitos village

Afitos is a picturesque village overlooking the Torneos Gulf. It has a great location giving visitors spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and Sithonia peninsula. Furthermore, Afitos is a fabulous village full of history and magnificent traditional architecture that can leave anyone awed. Visit the impressive 19th-century church of Agios Dimitrios, the Macedonian restaurants and bars along the cliffs and shore, and the Folklore Museum to admire ceramics, fabrics, and art exhibitions.

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